Compliance Program, Codes of Conduct, and Resources

We are a proud affiliate of Heritage Provider Network, Inc. (HPN). HPN has a tradition of caring for our patients, members, and communities that we serve.

Our compliance plan and its embedded codes of conduct are the foundation of our overall compliance program. It is intended to guide our actions, conduct, and decisions. Among the core values that guide our compliance plan are:

  • Tradition of caring
  • Integrity, ethics, and compliance
  • Clinical and operational excellence

By your reading, understanding, and following these standards, you contribute to upholding our values and our commitments to comply with our codes of conduct, policies and procedures. Equally important is that you reaffirm our commitment to comply with all laws and regulations (federal, state, and local) and contractual obligations.

From our highest executives, and extending to all our physicians, providers, management, and staff, each of us is responsible to continuously conduct ourselves with the highest degree of quality and integrity in everything we do. This also includes our responsibilities in serving the healthcare needs of each of our patients and members.